Pipeline Templates

Pipeline Templates are a new feature of Spinnaker. They are a means for standardizing and distributing reusable Pipelines within a Spinnaker ecosystem. The following stages are of particular note to users deploying through pipeline templates.

Load Balancer Stage

This stage, when enabled, allows for the automation of the creation of a new load balancer within the cluster. You can enable this feature by passing in the environment variable INFRA_ENABLED=true, or configure it in your /opt/spinnaker/config/spinnaker-armory.yml file:

    enabled: true

You should see a “Create Load Balancers” stage as an optional type when creating a stage:

Then you can define the load balancers to create (or update – if the load balancer already exists with the same name, the configuration defined here will overwrite the existing configuration)

The interface for configuring the load balancer is exactly the same as the direct-create method. Select your account, region, subnet, security groups, etc. The load balancer will not be created until this stage executes.

When saved, the load balancer configuration should appear on the screen, where you can edit, remove or duplicate that configuration:

If the create/update succeeds, the pipeline execution should look something like this: