Shared Configuration Repositories

The information below was written for a previous version of Armory Spinnaker (v1.13 and earlier). Please look here for documentation on the latest version.

What to expect

This guide will walk you through setting up a shared configuration repository between multiple Spinnaker installations, and using multiple AWS accounts.

What you will need

Here is an example configuration repository to start with.

Create a new env file

In your configuration repo, use an existing env file (ex: env/ha.env) to create a new env/staging.env. Update the values in env/staging.env appropriately.

To allow Spinnaker to pull in configs, we’ll need to update the env variable SPRING_PROFILES_ACTIVE, add the following below

# by default, its set to
# To pick up new staging ymls, we'll change it to:


Armory Spinnaker installs some settings in env/default.env

Setup a new -staging.yml

You may want to change some yml files for a specific configurations. For example, lets create a config/clouddriver-staging.yml and update it accordingly.


Secrets should be different for each environment, we provide an entrypoint script that runs during startup of Spinnaker bin/secrets. You can use this file to customize your secrets fetch.


Now that we have our configs setup for both ha and staging, we can use the same debian generated in both Spinnaker Deploy Spinnaker pipelines

Information on the Debian configuaration repository

More about env files