Manage Armory Enterprise using the Operator

Manage, upgrade, or uninstall Armory Enterprise or Spinnaker using the Operator.

This guide is for both the Armory Operator and the Spinnaker Operator. Armory Enterprise and Spinnaker configuration is the same except for features only in Armory Enterprise. Those features are marked Proprietary.

Kubernetes tools

You use kubectl to manage the Armory Enterprise or Spinnaker lifecycle like you do with other applications deployed to Kubernetes. For example:

List instances

kubectl get spinnakerservice --all-namespaces

Describe instances

You can use spinsvc instead of spinnakerservice:

kubectl -n <namespace> describe spinsvc spinnaker

Consult the kubectl docs for a list of commands.

Deploy Armory Enterprise

kubectl -n <namespace> apply -f <path-to-manifest-file>

kubctl -n <namespace> apply -k <path-to-kustomize-directory>

You can watch the installation progress by executing:

kubectl -n <namespace> get spinsvc spinnaker -w

You can verify pod status by executing:

 kubectl -n <namespace> get pods

Upgrade Armory Enterprise

Change the version field in your manifest file to the target version for the upgrade:

kind: SpinnakerService
 name: spinnaker
     version: <version>

Apply the updated manifest:

kubectl -n <namespace> apply -f <path-to-manifest-file>

Change the version field in your Kustomize patch to the target version for the upgrade.

Apply the update:

kubctl -n <namespace> apply -k <path-to-kustomize-directory>

You can view the upgraded services starting up by executing describe:

kubectl -n <namespace>  describe spinsvc spinnaker

Verify the upgraded version of Spinnaker:

kubectl -n <namespace> get spinsvc

The command returns information similar to the following:

spinnaker    2.20.2

VERSION should reflect the target version for your upgrade.

Delete Armory Enterprise

kubectl -n <namespace> delete spinnakerservice spinnaker

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