Release Notes for Armory Products

Read about the newest features, improvements, and changes for Armory products, including Armory Enterprise for Spinnaker, the Armory Operator, Armory-Extended Halyard, and the Armory Cloud Platform.

Armory Agent for Kubernetes Release Notes

Release notes for the Armory Agent for Kubernetes.

Armory Enterprise for Spinnaker Release Notes

Armory Enterprise releases, long term stable releases and patches.

Armory Operator Release Notes

The Armory Operator is an extended version of the Open Source Spinnaker Operator, a Kubernetes operator that deploys and manages Spinnaker using familiar tools.

Armory Release Definitions

Armory-extended Halyard Release Notes

Release notes for Armory-extended Halyard, an extended version of Halyard that deploys Armory features

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