v1.1.2 Armory Operator

Release notes for Armory Operator v1.1.2

09/30/2020 Release Notes

Known Issues

No known issues.

Armory Operator

  • chore(release): upgrade to oss operator 1.1.2
  • chore(license): update LICENSES
  • fix(helm): solve error assigning version to Helm Chart
  • feat(ubi): add build for ubi images

Spinnaker Operator

  • fix(ingress): Support ingress with load balancer IP (GCE/bare metal)
  • chore(halyard): Update halyard version.
  • fix(validation): Validation Kubernetes accounts using the context passed on Spinnaker Service.
  • refactor(status): Introducing a better way to check spinnaker health validating correct status of each pod.

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