v1.2.6 Armory Operator

Release notes for Armory Operator v1.2.6

2021/05/07 Release Notes


Armory scans the codebase as we develop and release software. For information about CVE scans for this release, contact your Armory account representative.

Known issues

Google Cloud Storage (GCS) config missing bucketLocation fails

If you have configured a persistent storage or a canary service integration account for GCS without the bucketLocation property defined, validation fails with a message similar to this:

Failed to ensure the required bucket "mybucket" exists: bucketLocation, spinnakerConfig.config.default.canary: Failed to ensure the required bucket "mybucket" exists: bucketLocation, spinnakerConfig.config.default.canary.google.gcp-canary: Failed to ensure the required bucket "mybucket" exists: bucketLocation


If you don’t have a bucket location, you should configure bucketLocation as a blank string. See the bucketLocation key in the following example:

    bucket: <your-bucket-name>
    bucketLocation: "" # use an emptry string if you don't have a bucket location
    jsonPath: <path-to-encrypted-json-file>
    project: <your-cloud-project>
    rootFolder: front50
  persistentStoreType: gcs

Affected versions: Halyard 1.12.0, Armory Operator 1.2.6

Fixed versions: Halyard 1.12.01, Armory Operator 1.2.7

Highlighted updates

Docker artifacts

This release adds support for the repositoriesRegex field. Use the field to provide regex that specifies what repositories Clouddriver caches images from. This is useful if you add repos frequently. Any new repo that matches the regex gets cached automatically.

This feature requires Armory Enterprise 2.25.0 or higher. For more information, see Docker Artifacts.

Armory Operator

  • chore(release): upgrade to oss operator 1.2.5

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