v1.3.0 Armory Operator

Release notes for Armory Operator v1.3.0

2021/06/30 Release Notes


Armory scans the codebase as we develop and release software. For information about CVE scans for this release, contact your Armory account representative.

Known issues

No known issues.

Breaking changes

Spinnaker Accounts CRD

The spinnakeraccounts.spinnaker.io CRD is no longer supported in this release. Now you need to install armoryaccounts.spinnaker.armory.io CRD and rename your existing accounts.

Highlighted updates

Support Diagnostics

This release adds support for the Support Diagnostics service for Armory Enterprise.

This feature requires you to have diagnostics enabled within your SpinnakerService. For more information, see Configure Support Diagnostics for Armory Enterprise.

Armory Operator

  • feat(debug): send debug information when reconcile spinsvc

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