v1.5.1 Armory Operator

Release notes for Armory Operator v1.5.1

2021/12/21 Release Notes


Armory scans the codebase as we develop and release software. For information about CVE scans for this release, contact your Armory account representative.

Known issues

No known issues.

Highlighted updates

This release fixes the canary validator issue that caused the Armory Enterprise deployment to fail when metadataCachingIntervalMS was in the canary configuration.

In addition to the fix, new functionality has been added that enables users to disable the canary validators by adding spec.validation.providers.canary: false to the Operator configuration.

Armory Operator

  • fix(canary/validator): Errors on MetadataCachingIntervalMS
  • fix(canary/validator): Enable or disable canary validation

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