Armory Enterprise for Spinnaker Release Notes

Armory Enterprise releases, long term support releases and patches.

Minimum Operator version

To install, upgrade, and configure Armory Enterprise, ensure that you are running at least the minimum Operator version for your release:

Armory Enterprise version Minimum Operator version
2.27.x 1.4.0
2.26.x 1.2.6
2.25.x 1.2.6

LTS releases

Starting with version 2.27.1, Armory Enterprise follows a Long Term Support (LTS) release model where there are two LTS releases per year. Major features and changes are packaged into an LTS release.

Each LTS is supported for 1 year from its release date. During the supported lifetime of an LTS release, Armory ships patch releases for the LTS that include improvements like CVE remediation, bug fixes, and performance improvements.

Last modified April 18, 2022: (a8154c0d)