CLI Cheatsheet

This page contains a list of commonly used CLI commands and flags.

CLI usage

The CLI binary is armory. Usage is armory [command]. Run armory help to see a list of commands.

Global Flags

  • -h, --help: Help
  • -o, --output: Set the output type. Available options are json and yaml. The default is plain text.
  • -v, --verbose: Verbose output

CLI autocomplete

Generate the autocompletion script for armory for the specified shell.


armory completion [command]

Available Commands

  • bash
  • fish
  • powershell
  • zsh

See each available command’s help for details on how to use the generated script.

CLI help

Lists the usage and available commands.


armory help

Configure CD-as-a-Service

Apply configuration. See Add Tenants, Create an RBAC Role.


armory config apply -f <path-to-config.yaml>

View configuration


armory config get

Deploy an application


armory deploy start [flags]


  • --add-context: (Optional) Comma-delimited list of new context variables in name=value format. These are added to your canary analysis and webhook triggers. Default: [].

  • -n, --application: (Optional) The app name for deployment.

  • -a, --authToken: (Optional) The authentication token to use rather than clientId and clientSecret or user login.

  • -c, --clientId: (Optional) The Client ID for connecting to Armory CD-as-a-Service.

  • -s, --clientSecret: (Optional) The Client Secret for connecting to Armory CD-as-a-Service.

  • -f, --file: (Required) The path to the deployment file.

  • -w, --watch: (Optional) This blocks the deploy start command execution from completing until the deployment has transitioned to its final state (FAILED, SUCCEEDED, CANCELLED). Use this flag when you want to see deployment status reported in your terminal or process.

    When you run the deploy start command with the -w flag, you should see output similar to this:

    Waiting for deployment to complete. Status UI:
    Deployment status changed: RUNNING
    Deployment ID: e6980646-923a-496b-ad87-ad81804187e3
    Deployment status changed: SUCCEEDED
    Deployment e6980646-923a-496b-ad87-ad81804187e3 completed with status: SUCCEEDED
    See the deployment status UI:

Use only one of the following ways to authenticate your deployment: armory login or --clientId and --clientSecret or --authToken.


You are in the directory where your deployment file deploy.yaml is located. To deploy your app, execute:

armory deploy start -f deploy.yaml

To deploy your app with new context variables:

armory deploy start -f deploy.yml --add-context=pr=myprnumber,jira=myjiranumber

To deploy your app without first manually logging into CD-as-a-Service, pass your Client ID and Client Secret:

armory deploy start -c <your-client-id> -s <your-client-secret> -f deploy.yml

Download and deploy a sample app

Download a sample app from an Armory repo. Then deploy that sample app.


armory quick-start

Generate deployment templates


Generate a customizable Kubernetes blue/green deployment template.


armory template kubernetes bluegreen


To generate a template and save the output to a file:

armory template kubernetes bluegreen > deploy-bluegreen.yaml


Generate a customizable Kubernetes canary deployment template.


armory template kubernetes canary -f automated


To generate a canary template and save the output to a file:

armory template kubernetes canary -f automated > deploy-canary-traffic.yaml

Get the CLI version


armory version

Log into Armory CD-as-a-Service


armory login [flags]


  • -e, --envName: (Optional) The name of your Armory CD-as-a-Service environment. Names with spaces must be enclosed in single or double quotes.


If your environment is named dev, execute:

armory login -e dev

If your environment is named dev team, execute:

armory login -e 'dev team'

If you don’t include your environment, the command returns with a list of environments. You must select one to continue.

Log out of Armory CD-as-a-Service


armory logout [envName]

envName is optional.

When you execute the armory logout command, a prompt appears for user confirmation.

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