Known Issues and Limitations

Strategy to use with a HorizontalPodAutoscaler

If you are using a HorizontalPodAutoscaler(HPA), Armory recommends using a canary strategy with traffic management and ensuring that the replicas specified in your manifest matches the minimum replicas of the HPA. Other strategies may encounter issues interacting with the replica scaling by the HPA. CD-as-a-Service is not yet HPA-aware, so you must ensure the HPA never attempts to scale the number of replicas to be smaller than the number that CD-as-a-Service has requested.

Deployment fails with a blank namespace error

There is a known issue where deployments fail if you do not specify a namespace in targets.<deploymentName>.namespace in your deployment file even if your manifest specifies a namespace.


Define the namespace in your deployment file even if your manifest specifies a namespace.

Manifest requirements

Armory CD-as-a-Service has the following constraints when deploying a manifest:

  • Deploying ReplicaSets is not supported.
  • Deploying Pods is not supported. config block location

In Armory Enterprise 2.26.3, the location of where you put the block as well as an additional plugins block when configuring the Armory CD-as-a-Service Spinnaker Plugin is different from other versions. This issue affects both Operator and Halyard based installations of Armory Enterprise.

For more information, see the known issues for the Spinnaker plugin.

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