How to Monitor Deployments

Monitor the status of your deployments and approve or rollback deployments.

Monitor deployments using the Deployments UI

When you navigate to the Armory Deployments tab of the UI, you land on the All Deployments page, which shows all the apps for a specific Armory CD-as-a-Service environment. If you don’t see a deployment that you’re expecting to see, refresh the list or verify the Armory CD-as-a-Service environment the app belongs to. You can switch environments in the top right menu by clicking on your username.

On the All Deployments page, you can select a specific app to get more details on that app’s deployments. This brings up a status pane with basic information that includes the following:

  • Who started the most recent deployment for an app
  • When the deployment started
  • Deployment health
  • Progress and status for the deployment, such as if it is waiting for approval

Select See Full Details from the status pane on the All Deployments, you arrive on the All Environments page, which shows all the environments that are part of that deploy file. If a deploy file only contains one environment, you’ll only see one on this page.

You can watch a demo of how the All Deployments page and the details page for a single environment work together to walk you through progressing your deployment.

All environments

The All Deployments page shows you all environments that are being deployed to in a single deploy file. If you click the link that the CLI returns when you trigger the deployment, this is the page you are linked to. It can give you a general idea of the state of the deployment and what environment is currently being deployed to.

The deployment starts in a dev environment. It then progresses to infosec and staging environments simultaneously. It finishes by deploying to a prod-west environment.

More specifically, this view shows you how deployments are supposed to progress through different environments based on the constraints that are defined in the deploy file. An environment that is waiting for one or more constraints to be satisfied is connected to the preceding deployment by a dotted line and is greyed out.

The staging-west environment has constraints that prevent it from starting until they are satisfied.

Clicking on a specific environment brings up a status pane with basic information about that environment. From here, you can see the Full Details for that single environment where you can take additional action.

Single environment

The Full Details page for a single environment is where you monitor the progress of the deployment to that environment. If the strategy you specified involves user input, such as a manual approval, this is the page where you can approve or rollback the deployment.

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