Add Tenants

Add tenants to your Armory CD-as-a-Service organization.

Before you begin

  • You have the Organization Admin role.
  • You have installed the CLI and are logged into CD-as-a-Service.

Create tenants

Every organization has a main tenant. You can create one or more additional tenants using a YAML file and the CLI. Your YAML file should have the following structure:

  - <tenant-name-1>
  - <tenant-name-2>

Run the following command to add those tenants:

armory config apply -f <path-to-tenant-config.yaml>


In the following example, you create tenants for two applications and a sandbox.

  1. Create a file called config.yaml.

  2. Add the following content:

         - potato-facts-app
         - sample-app
         - sandbox

    Save your file.

  3. Run the following command from the directory where you saved your config.yaml file:

       armory config apply -f config.yaml

    Output should be:

       Created tenant: potato-facts-app
       Created tenant: sample-app
       Created tenant: sandbox
  4. Confirm your tenants have been added:

       armory config get

    Output should be:

        - main
        - potato-facts-app
        - sample-app
        - sandbox

What’s next

View and Switch Tenants

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