View and Switch Tenants

View and switch tenants in your Armory CD-as-a-Service organization.

Before you begin

  • You have installed the CLI and are logged into CD-as-a-Service.

View tenants

Non-Admin users only see tenants that they belong to. If users don’t have a role belonging to a particular tenant, they don’t see those tenants.

You can use the CLI to view your tenants:

armory config get

Output shows the list of tenants. When you only have access to the default tenant, the output is:

 - main

You can also use the UI to view the list of tenants you can access. See the Switch tenants section.

Switch tenants

You use the UI to switch to the tenant whose resources you want to see. CD-as-a-Service only displays the *Switch Tenants user content menu item when you have access to more than one tenant.

Switch Tenant.
  1. Access your user context menu.
  2. Hover over Switch Tenant to display a list of accessible tenants.
  3. Click the tenant you want to switch to.

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