Guides for Installing Armory Enterprise for Spinnaker

This section details deploying Armory Enterprise for Spinnaker in Kubernetes, Azure, Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), and Amazon Web Sevices (AWS), including from the AWS or RedHat marketplaces. Instructions cover using Halyard, the Armory Operator, or the open source Operator for Kubernetes in local, cloud, and air-gapped environments.

Once installed, Armory Enterprise can deploy to supported providers through Clouddriver regardless of where it is installed.

See Install Armory Enterprise for Spinnaker in Air-Gapped Environments for additional steps you have to take if you have an air-gapped environment.

Install Armory Enterprise for Spinnaker in Air-Gapped Environments

Options for deploying Armory Enterprise in an environment that is isolated from the internet.

Install Armory Enterprise from the AWS Container Marketplace

Use the Armory Operator from the AWS Container Marketplace to deploy Armory Enterprise for Spinnaker in your Amazon Kubernetes (EKS) cluster.

Install Armory Enterprise in Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Use Armory-extended Halyard to deploy Armory Enterprise in an AWS Kubernetes cluster or in an on-prem Kubernetes cluster with access to Amazon Secure Storage Service (S3).

Upgrade Spinnaker to Armory Enterprise

Upgrade your open source Spinnaker deployment to Armory Enterprise for Spinnaker using Armory-extended Halyard.

QuickStart for Deploying to AWS from Spinnaker

This section contains guides that show you how to configure AWS for Spinnaker and deploy an application from Spinnaker to AWS.

Install Armory Enterprise in Lightweight Kubernetes using the Armory Operator

Use the Armory Operator to deploy Spinnaker or Armory Enterprise in a Lightweight Kubernetes (K3s) instance running on an AWS EC2 virtual machine. This environment is for proofs of concept and development.

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