Creating and Using Plugins in Spinnaker

Resources for extending SpinnakerTM functionality with plugins.

Spinnaker plugin guides:

  • Plugin Users Guide

    • Explains important concepts and files, such as plugins.json and repositories.json, that you need to deploy a plugin
    • Specifies what types of plugins you can deploy to Spinnaker
  • pf4jStagePlugin deployment walkthrough using Halyard

  • pf4jStagePlugin deployment walkthrough using the Armory Operator

  • Plugin Creators Guide

    • Overview covers taxonomy and types of plugins

    • Frontend Plugin Development shows how to create a frontend plugin using the pluginsdk; covers project generation and configuration, development workflow, adding a new stage, and overriding existing Deck components, as well as the plugin build and release process

    • Backend Service Extension Points covers creating a new extension point in a Spinnaker service

    • Testing your plugin

Plugin repositories

Spinnaker testing environment

The following resources cover how to set up a local development and testing environment:

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