v2.17.2 Armory Continuous Deployment Release (Spinnaker Release 1.17.5)

Release notes for Armory Continuous Deployment v2.17.2

12/16/19 Release Notes

Note: If you’re experiencing production issues after upgrading Spinnaker, rollback to a previous working version and please report issues to http://go.armory.io/support.

Known Issues

The correct aws-sdk version is not always used in this release and – depending on your configuration – may prevent Clouddriver and other services from starting.

This has been fixed in Armory 2.17.4.

Highlighted Updates


This release includes the following:

  • Alpha release of Terraformer UI
  • Dynatrace provider support in Kayenta

Spinnaker Community Contributions

  • Kubernetes provider: fixes NullPointerException on NetworkPolicies with ingresses with null ports
  • SQL support: fixes table names with long type names

Bill of Materials

Here’s the bom for this version.

version: 2.17.2-rc2072
timestamp: "2019-12-16 22:39:25"
    version: 6.4.4-daa86fe-22f8150-rc1001
    version: 2.13.2-0ca8441-12edf0a-rc216
    version: 0.0.4-defad9b-rc904
    version: 2.9.0-4f2b8ee-acca50a-rc560
    version: 1.8.3-9f554ae-c62d038-rc1001
    version: 0.20.1-e1a3aa0-9415a44-rc998
    version: 1.13.0-45ca2bb-a453541-rc1077
    version: 1.7.0-bbde849-37fe1ed-rc844
    version: 0.12.0-6c2fb5a-5dcec80-rc754
    version: 0.16.0-59cbbec-rc503
    version: 0.16.0-59cbbec-rc503
    version: 2.11.2-dd253cf-b88f62a-rc883
    version: 0.15.1-f8aa480-269dc83-rc873
    version: 0.0.2-9c5c667-rc8
    version: 2:2.8.4-2
  dockerRegistry: docker.io/armory


Dinghy™ - defad9b

No Changes

Terraformer™ - 4145425…9c5c667

  • feat(versions): add api for versions (#101)
  • feat(metrics): replace prometheus with armory-io/spectator (#100)
  • chore(readme): update readme and example request (#99)

Armory Clouddriver - daa86fe

No Changes

Armory Deck - 5f346cf…0ca8441

  • feat(terraform): execution details ui (#548)
  • feat(versions): source terraform versions from API (#547)
  • feat(terraform): add stage config (#545)
  • feat(terraform): define and export terraform stage (#541)

Armory Echo - 4f2b8ee

No Changes

Armory Fiat - 9f554ae

No Changes

Armory Front50 - e1a3aa0

No Changes

Armory Gate - 6c154ae…45ca2bb

  • feat(versions-api): add the terraform versions api (#80)
  • feat(terraformer): add api endpoints for terraform (#79)

Armory Igor - bbde849

No Changes

Armory Kayenta - 6b89afd…6c2fb5a

  • feat(kayenta): dyna integration (#37)

Armory Orca - ccfcee7…dd253cf

  • fix(terraform): surface errors from job status (#54)

Armory Rosco - f8aa480

No Changes

Armory Open Core

Dinghy (Open Core) - e977717

No Changes

Spinnaker Community Contributions

See Spinnaker’s release notes that are included in this release:

Spinnaker 1.17.5

Clouddriver - e192026…22f8150

  • fix(cfn): do not add roleARN if empty or null (#4206) (#4220)
  • fix(ecs): reject task def artifact if it contains unknown properties (#4211) (#4219)
  • fix(cats/sql): fix table names with long type names (#4166) (#4207)
  • fix(kubernetes): do not throw NPE on NetworkPolicies with ingresses with null ports (#4182) (#4186)
  • fix(kubernetes): do not throw NPE on NetworkPolicies with null ingress and egress (#4172) (#4173)
  • fix(kubernetes): Add missing limitrange kind (#4170) (#4174)

Deck - 137f539…12edf0a

  • fix(core): fix npe on first project cluster creation (#7673) (#7675)

Echo - acca50a

No Changes

Fiat - 47a6a00…c62d038

  • fix(serviceAccount): Filter non-valid roles when converting to UserPermission (#513) (#514)

Front50 - 9415a44

No Changes

Gate - a453541

No Changes

Igor - 37fe1ed

No Changes

Kayenta - 5dcec80

No Changes

Orca - ed38c00…b88f62a

  • fix(execution): Resume parent pipeline when a failed stage in a child pipeline restarts (#3317) (#3340)
  • fix(cfn): include credentials on the task sent to clouddriver (#3323) (#3332)

Rosco - 2f92d63…269dc83

  • fix(gce): Hardcode Trusty GCE image in halconfig/images.yml (#473)
  • fix(gce): Hardcode last published version of Trusty base image, add deprecation language, and add Bionic as option (#471)

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