v2.26.0 Armory Continuous Deployment Release (Spinnaker™ v1.26.3)

Release notes for Armory Continuous Deployment v2.26.0

2021/05/20 Release Notes

Note: If you’re experiencing production issues after upgrading Spinnaker, rollback to a previous working version and please report issues to http://go.armory.io/support.

For information about what Armory supports for this version, see the Armory Continuous Deployment v2.26 compatibility matrix.

Required Halyard or Operator version

To install, upgrade, or configure Armory 2.26.0, use one of the following tools:

  • Armory-extended Halyard 1.12 or later
    • 2.26.x is the last minor release that you can use Halyard to install or manage. Future releases require the Armory Operator. For more information, see Halyard Deprecation.
  • Armory Operator 1.2.6 or later


Armory scans the codebase as we develop and release software. Contact your Armory account representative for information about CVE scans for this release.

Breaking changes

Breaking changes are kept in this list for 3 minor versions from when the change is introduced. For example, a breaking change introduced in 2.21.0 appears in the list up to and including the 2.24.x releases. It would not appear on 2.25.x release notes.

Suffixes for the Kubernetes Run Job stage

The kubernetes.jobs.append-suffix parameter no longer works. The removal of this parameter was previously announced as part of a breaking change in Armory 2.22.

To continue adding a random suffix to jobs created by the Kubernetes Run Job stage, use the metadata.generateName field in your Kubernetes job manifests. For more information, see Generated values.

Kubernetes version for deployment targets

Armory CD 2.26 no longer supports Kubernetes deployment targets prior to version 1.16.


Any Kubernetes deployment target must run version 1.16 or higher. If you try to deploy to clusters older than 1.16, you may see errors like the following in the UI:

The UI shows an Unexpected Task Failure error.

Additionally, errors like the following appear in the Clouddriver logs:

2021-05-04 21:17:16.032 WARN 1 --- [0.0-7002-exec-9] c.n.s.c.k.c.ManifestController : Failed to read manifest

com.netflix.spinnaker.clouddriver.kubernetes.op.handler.UnsupportedVersionException: No replicaSet is supported at api version extensions/v1beta1
at com.netflix.spinnaker.clouddriver.kubernetes.op.handler.KubernetesReplicaSetHandler.status(KubernetesReplicaSetHandler.java:98) ~[clouddriver-kubernetes.jar:na]
2021-05-05 14:29:09.653 WARN 1 --- [utionAction-538] c.n.s.c.k.c.a.KubernetesCachingAgent : kubernetes/KubernetesCoreCachingAgent[1/1]: Failure adding relationships for service

com.netflix.spinnaker.clouddriver.kubernetes.op.handler.UnsupportedVersionException: No replicaSet is supported at api version extensions/v1beta1
at com.netflix.spinnaker.clouddriver.kubernetes.op.handler.KubernetesReplicaSetHandler.getPodTemplateLabels(KubernetesReplicaSetHandler.java:167)


If you are affected by this change, perform the following tasks to update your applications:

  • Upgrade the Kubernetes clusters that you are trying to deploy to. They must run version 1.16 or higher.
  • If you have manifest files using deprecated APIs, update them to use newer APIs. For more information on which APIs are deprecated in each Kubernetes version and how to migrate, see the Kubernetes Deprecated API Migration Guide.

Introduced in: Armory CD 2.26.0

Kubernetes infrastructure in the UI

Starting in 2.26, the UI has been updated to more closely follow immutable infrastructure principles.

When you navigate to the Infrastructure tab in the UI for an application that has the Kubernetes provider configured, actions that change the Kubernetes infrastructure (such as Create or Delete), including Clusters, Load Balancers, and Firewalls, are no longer available.


Users do not see these actions in the UI by default. You must configure the UI to display them if you want your users to be able to perform them through the UI.


Whether or not these actions are available in the UI is controlled by the following property in settings-local.yml:

window.spinnakerSettings.kubernetesAdHocInfraWritesEnabled = <boolean>;

This setting does not completely prevent users from modifying Kubernetes infrastructure through Armory CD. To do so, you must use the Policy Engine and write policies using the spinnaker.http.authz package.

If you use the Policy Engine to control which user roles can see the UI actions and be able to use them, you must set this property to true. Setting the value to false hides the buttons for all users regardless of whether you grant specific users access to the buttons through the Policy Engine.

This property affects Kubernetes infrastructure only. The behavior is slightly different depending on if the application has only the Kubernetes provider configured or Kubernetes and other providers, such as AWS.

If the application only has the Kubernetes provider configured, the following applies:

  • When set to true, this property causes the UI to function as it did in previous releases. This allows people to manually create and delete Kubernetes infrastructure from the UI.
  • When set to false, this property causes the actions to be unavailable to users. This prevents users from manually creating and deleting Kubernetes infrastructure from the UI. The users can still view the infrastructure but cannot make changes through the UI.

If the application includes Kubernetes and other providers, the following applies:

  • When set to true, this property causes the UI to function as it did in previous releases. This allows people to manually create and delete Kubernetes infrastructure from the UI. Users can continue to select whether they want to create Kubernetes or other infrastructure in the UI.
  • When set to false, this property causes Kubernetes to be unavailable as an option when trying to modify infrastructure from the UI. Users can still make changes to infrastructure for the application from cloud providers, such as AWS, but not Kubernetes.

Introduced in: Armory CD 2.26.0

Known issues

Bake failures

The Packer version included with Rosco disregards package overrides that use the -var-file= option. This may cause bakes to fail.

Affected versions: 2.22.2 and later

Lambda UI issue

There is a UI bug related to the caching agent that prevents Lambda functions from being displayed in the UI when there are no other clusters associated with the Application. In other words, in order for the function to show up in “Functions” tab, there needs to be a cluster (such as an AWS ASG/EC2 instance) deployed for that application.

Affected versions: 2.23.0 (1.23.0) - 2.26.2 Fixed version: 2.26.3

SpEL expressions and artifact binding

There is an issue where it appears that SpEL expressions are not being evaluated properly in artifact declarations (such as container images) for events such as the Deploy Manifest stage. What is actually happening is that an artifact binding is overriding the image value.


2.27.x or later: Disable artifact binding by adding the following parameter to the stage JSON: enableArtifactBinding: false.

2.26.x or later: Change the artifact binding behavior in spec.spinnakerConfig.profiles.clouddriver (Operator) or clouddriver-local.yml (Halyard) to the following, which causes artifacts to only bind the version when the tag is missing:

    docker-image: match-name-only

This setting only binds the version when the tag is missing, such as image: nginx without a version number.

Affected versions: 2.26.x and later

pipelineID for Pipelines-as-Code

There is a known issue where the pipelineID function does not work the first time, which causes pipelines to not be updated. Subsequent changes to the dinghyfile update the pipelines correctly.

Affected versions: 2.21.1 - 2.26.0 Fixed version: 2.26.1


If you experiencing issues with Pipelines-as-Code after upgrading to 2.26.0, upgrade to 2.26.1 when it is available.

Fixed issues

  • Fixed an issue where you could not edit AWS server groups with the Edit button in the UI. The edit window closed immediately after you opened it.
  • Fixed an issue where names for ECS server groups were not being recognized.
  • Fixed an issue where the first deployment of a manifest that used a blue/green strategy failed to find the service load balancer. This occurred if the service is in the same manifest as the workload getting deployed.
  • Fixed an issue where an error occurred when deleting a CRD through the UI.
  • Fixed an issue where some caching agents for the SQL agent scheduler never executed. This could lead to the UI not reflecting changes caused by pipelines or pipelines not running if they were configured to use a Docker trigger. This issue affected all cloud providers and Docker triggers.
  • Fixed an issue in the Deploy stage when the Docker container was selected and image was set, the artifact information was not saved in JSON format. Now the artifact information is written to the expectedArtifact attribute.

Highlighted updates

Artifacts - Git repo

The Git repo artifact provider has been improved.

SHA support

The Git repo provider can now checkout SHAs. Previously, the provider could only checkout branches.

Caching Git repo artifacts

The provider can now cache Git repo artifacts. Clouddriver, the service that connects to artifact providers, clones the Git repo the first time a pipeline needs it and then caches the repo for a configured retention time. Each subsequent time the pipeline needs to use that Git repo artifact, Clouddriver does a git pull to fetch updates rather than cloning the entire repo again. This behavior is especially useful if you have a large repo.

Clouddriver deletes the cloned Git repo when the configured retention time expires.

This is an opt-in feature that is disabled by default. See Enable git pull support for how to enable and configure this feature.

Application metrics for Canary Analysis

The Dynatrace integration for Canary Analysis now supports the resolution parameter for queries. This parameter is optional. Here is an example query that contains the resolution:


For more information, see Get Data Points.

Cloud Foundry

  • General performance improvements.

  • Improved the resiliency of the Cloud Foundry provider by adding retries when a socket timeout occurs.

  • Armory Continuous Deployment now supports configuration options related to timeouts. To use these timeouts, add the following snippet to clouddriver-local.yml (Halyard) or the cloudfoundry section of your SpinnakerService manifest (Operator):

        readtimeout: 5000ms # Replace with the timeout you want to use
        writetimeout: 5000ms # Replace with the timeout you want to use
        connectiontimeout: 5000ms # Replace with the timeout you want to use
        retries: 3 # Replace with the number of retries you want to use
  • Improved the observability for the Cloud Foundry provider. You can see metrics related to Cloud Foundry through the tool you use for observability into the performance of Armory Continuous Deployment. Look for metrics that start with the following: cf.okhttp.requests.


Improved start times for air-gapped environments by fixing an issue that caused the enableDefaultRepositories config to not work. This led to a situation where air-gapped environments had to wait for the timeout. The config works now. If you set enableDefaultRepositories to false, Armory Continuous Deployment no longer attempts to connect to the plugin repositories maintained by the Spinnaker community.

Plugin framework

The following changes to the Plugin Framework may affect you if you are developing plugins for Armory Continuous Deployment or Spinnaker:

  • If you depend on Spinnaker jars, you need to change your dependency coordinates from com.netflix.spinnaker.<service> to io.spinnaker.<service>.
  • When working on Deck, you can now replace the literal process.env.NODE_ENV with the current environment variable value. This is useful for libraries such as React that expect this to be set to production or development.

Terraform Integration stage

  • The integration now supports Terraform versions up to 0.15.1.
  • The container for the Terraformer service now includes the GCloud SDK and anthos-cli.
  • All the Terraform binaries bundled as part of the integration have been updated in accordance with HCSEC-2021-12 to address potential issues from the Codecov incident.

Spinnaker Community Contributions

There have also been numerous enhancements, fixes, and features across all of Spinnaker’s other services. See the Spinnaker v1.26.3 changelog for details.

Detailed updates

Bill Of Materials (BOM)

Here’s the BOM for this version.

version: 2.26.0
timestamp: "2021-05-20 02:28:34"
        commit: e4612edb
        version: 2.26.6
        commit: 68f37740
        version: 2.26.5
        commit: a4c17545
        version: 2.26.1
        commit: 6c7077ba
        version: 2.26.5
        commit: d5ddf6e9
        version: 2.26.6
        commit: d08d6cc1
        version: 2.26.7
        commit: e77d91d7
        version: 2.26.5
        commit: ee5df451
        version: 2.26.6
        commit: 3ea94181
        version: 2.26.5
        version: 2.26.0
        version: 2.26.0
        commit: 157b115a
        version: 2.26.12
        commit: 2187403f
        version: 2.26.8
        commit: 8f31c968
        version: 2.26.3
        version: 2:2.8.4-2
    dockerRegistry: docker.io/armory


Armory Deck - 2.25.3…2.26.5

  • feat(terraform): Adds custom marker icon (#747)
  • chore(build): update to 1.25.3 (#761)
  • fix(changelog-link): add value and url (#764)
  • chore(release): update deck for 2.26.x (#775)
  • chore(deps): sync 1.26.3 (#783) (#784)
  • chore(core): disable pipeline tags feature until it’s considered stable (#788) (#789)

Armory Clouddriver - 2.25.3…2.26.6

  • [create-pull-request] automated change (#296)
  • feat(git): Added git binaries to docker images (#311)
  • chore(githubactions): update aquasec version (#313)
  • [create-pull-request] automated change (#315)
  • [create-pull-request] automated change (#326)
  • [create-pull-request] automated change (#329) (#330)

Armory Igor - 2.25.2…2.26.6

  • Update gradle.properties (#209)
  • fix(dependencies): update armory-commons (#221) (#222)

Armory Orca - 2.25.2…2.26.12

  • Sync with CD branch, update CD branch with Orca version updates (#233)
  • Update sync_cd.yml (#243)
  • feat(cd): move all cd work to master (#244)
  • fix(cd): fixes workflow and updates init.gradle for new maven coordinates (#245)
  • fix(cd): PR should have a title that title checker will be happy with (#247)
  • chore(cd): update base orca version to 2021. (#250)
  • add label to base service update PRs (#251)
  • feat(cd): publish every image to docker registry & openshift (#252)
  • fix(cd): docker images should be named orca-armory, not orca (#255)
  • feat(cd): use latest gradle plugin, images get tagged as armory-io/orca-armory (#257)
  • fix(cd): fix dockerhub login (#258)
  • feat(cd): switch docker ns prefix from armory-io to armory (#260)
  • [create-pull-request] automated change (#261)
  • feat(cloud): adding interceptor for multitenant services (#259)
  • chore(cd): update base orca version to 2021. (#263)
  • chore(cd): update base orca version to 2021. (#267)
  • chore(cd): auto approve base update pull requests (#270)
  • use Astrolabe’s GH token for base update PRs (#273)
  • chore(cd): update base orca version to 2021. (#274)
  • feat(cd): use variables action (#275)
  • chore(cd): update base orca version to 2021. (#276)
  • chore(cd): update base orca version to 2021. (#277)
  • chore(cd): update base orca version to 2021. (#278)
  • [create-pull-request] automated change (#280)
  • chore(cd): update base orca version to 2021. (#281)
  • [create-pull-request] automated change (#282)
  • chore(build): update group id to match new location (#291)
  • [create-pull-request] automated change (#295)
  • chore(cd): revert invalid baseServiceVersion (#294)
  • chore(cd): update base orca version to 2021. (#296)
  • [create-pull-request] automated change (#301) (#302)
  • chore(cd): update base orca version to 2021. (#306)
  • chore(cd): handle release branch builds and updates (#305) (#307)
  • chore(cd): test release process
  • chore(cd): fetch full github history on build
  • chore(cd): update base orca version to 2021. (#309)

Dinghy™ - 2.25.1…2.26.1

  • fix(crash_on_module_updates): remove call to log.fatal() (#366)
  • feat(multi_tenant): refactor internal project to work with multi-tenant (#375)
  • fix(config): bit more err checking on initial config load (#377)
  • Feat(add_dist_tracing): Enables tracing for internal dinghy (#376)
  • Feat(add_yeti_client): Adds client for pulling remote config from Yeti (#374)
  • Feat(enable_caching_and_yeti_remote_source): Adds the yeti remote source and caching for remote configs. (#383)
  • chore(oss): bump oss version (#413)
  • chore(dependencies): updating oss version (backport #415) (#416)

Armory Fiat - 2.25.3…2.26.6

  • chore(build): Autobump armory-commons: 3.8.1 (#181)
  • [create-pull-request] automated change (#197)
  • [create-pull-request] automated change (#208)
  • [create-pull-request] automated change (#211) (#212)

Armory Gate - 2.25.5…2.26.5

  • fix(keel): add default keel endpoints. (#258)
  • chore(githubactions): update aquasec version (#262)
  • [create-pull-request] automated change (#264)
  • [create-pull-request] automated change (#266)
  • chore(build): Autobump armory-commons: 3.9.1 (#268)
  • chore(build): Autobump armory-commons: 3.9.2 (#279)
  • [create-pull-request] automated change (#282) (#283)

Armory Rosco - 2.25.2…2.26.8

  • fix(baking): Only try cancelling jobs that are confirmed to exist (#226)
  • fix(inttest): fixing vpc and subnets because recreation (#230)
  • fix(infra): Ignoring K8 test due to Docker Hub rate limits (#233)
  • Update Dockerfile (#236)
  • [create-pull-request] automated change (#234)
  • [create-pull-request] automated change (#246)
  • [create-pull-request] automated change (#249) (#250)
  • fix(timezone): set timezone for tzdata (backport #259) (#261)
  • chore(docker): update rosco baking utilities to match OSS (#253) (#257)

Terraformer™ - 2.25.0…2.26.3

  • fix(build): set up Go in github action (#369)
  • chore(build): add gcloud sdk + anthoscli (#374)
  • chore(versions): add terraform 13.6 through 14.10 (#376)
  • security(versions): secure terraform binaries (#390)
  • chore(build): kick off new build (#395)
  • chore(versions): update tf installer to use new hashi keys (#396) (#402)

Armory Echo - 2.25.2…2.26.5

  • chore(build): Autobump armory-commons: 3.9.1 (#317)
  • [create-pull-request] automated change (#328)
  • [create-pull-request] automated change (#331) (#332)

Armory Front50 - 2.25.2…2.26.7

  • [create-pull-request] automated change (#243)
  • [create-pull-request] automated change (#255)
  • [create-pull-request] automated change (#258) (#259)
  • fix(tests): use artifactory to avoid docker rate limits (#261) (#262)

Armory Kayenta - 2.25.2…2.26.5

  • feat(dynatrace): adding support for resolution parameter (#224)
  • feat(build): publish kayenta armory artifacts (#232)
  • [create-pull-request] automated change (#234)
  • chore(build): Autobump armory-commons: 3.9.3 (backport #248) (#249)

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