v2.28.5 Armory Release (OSS Spinnaker™ v1.28.5)

Release notes for Armory Continuous Deployment v2.28.5

2023/03/07 Release Notes

Note: If you’re experiencing production issues after upgrading Spinnaker, rollback to a previous working version and please report issues to http://go.armory.io/support.

Required Armory Operator version

To install, upgrade, or configure Armory 2.28.5, use Armory Operator 1.70 or later.


Armory scans the codebase as we develop and release software. Contact your Armory account representative for information about CVE scans for this release.

Breaking changes

Orca requires RDBMS configured with UTF-8 encoding

This release includes a change from MySQL JDBC drivers to AWS drivers. We have seen this cause issues when the database is NOT in a utf8mb4 format.

Update kubectl to 1.20


With 2.28 of Spinnaker, we’ve updated the kubectl binary to a 1.20 release. You may have potential caching issues as a result due to certain resources in Kubernetes being removed and/or no longer supported. Look for failures in your log files and exclude resources that don’t match your target cluster. For example, adding “PodPreset” to the “omitKinds” on your Kubernetes account configs would cause Spinnaker to skip trying to cache resources that no longer be able to be cached in newer kubernetes releases.

Introduced in: Armory CD 2.28.0

Pipelines as Code Slack notifications stop working


After upgrading to 2.27.x, your Pipelines as Code Slack notifications may stop working even though they were working previously.


See the Dinghy Slack Notifications not working KB article for the Hotfix.

Introduced in: Armory CD 2.27.0

Java 11.0.11+, TLS 1.1 communication failure

This is an issue between Java 11.0.11 and TLSv1.1. Only installations using TLSv1.1 will encounter communication failures between services when those services upgrade to Java 11.0.11+.

TLSv1.1 was deprecated in March of 2020 and reached end-of-life in March of 2021. You should no longer be using TLSv1.1 for secure communication.

Oracle released Java 11.0.11 in April of 2021. Java 11.0.11 dropped support for TLSv1.1. See the Java release notes for details.


Any services running under Java 11.0.11+ and using TLSv1.1 will encounter a communication failure. For example, you will see a communication failure between an Armory CD service running under Java 11.0.1 and MySQL 5.7 if the MySQL driver is using TLSv1.1.

The version of Java depends on the version used by the Docker container’s OS. Most Armory CD services are using Alpine 3.11 or 3.12, which does not use Java 11.0.11. However, Alpine 3.11 is end-of-life in November of 2021, and 3.12 is end-of-life in May of 2022. There is no guarantee that Java 11.0.11+ won’t be added to those container images by some other manner. You should modify your TLSv1.1 environment now so you don’t encounter communication failures.


Choose the option that best fits your environment.

  1. Disable TLSv1.1 and enable TLSv1.2 (preferred):

    See Knowledge Base articles Disabling TLS 1.1 in Spinnaker and Specifying the Protocols to be used and How to fix TLS error “Reason: extension (5) should not be presented in certificate_request”.

  2. Add a query parameter to the MySQL JDBC URIs:


    Note that this only fixes communication between Armory CD and MySQL.

    See MySQL communication failure when using TSL1.1 for more information.

Kubernetes version for deployment targets

Armory CD 2.26 no longer supports Kubernetes deployment targets prior to version 1.16.


Any Kubernetes deployment target must run version 1.16 or higher. If you try to deploy to clusters older than 1.16, you may see errors like the following in the UI:

The UI shows an Unexpected Task Failure error.

Additionally, errors like the following appear in the Clouddriver logs:

2021-05-04 21:17:16.032 WARN 1 --- [0.0-7002-exec-9] c.n.s.c.k.c.ManifestController : Failed to read manifest

com.netflix.spinnaker.clouddriver.kubernetes.op.handler.UnsupportedVersionException: No replicaSet is supported at api version extensions/v1beta1
at com.netflix.spinnaker.clouddriver.kubernetes.op.handler.KubernetesReplicaSetHandler.status(KubernetesReplicaSetHandler.java:98) ~[clouddriver-kubernetes.jar:na]
2021-05-05 14:29:09.653 WARN 1 --- [utionAction-538] c.n.s.c.k.c.a.KubernetesCachingAgent : kubernetes/KubernetesCoreCachingAgent[1/1]: Failure adding relationships for service

com.netflix.spinnaker.clouddriver.kubernetes.op.handler.UnsupportedVersionException: No replicaSet is supported at api version extensions/v1beta1
at com.netflix.spinnaker.clouddriver.kubernetes.op.handler.KubernetesReplicaSetHandler.getPodTemplateLabels(KubernetesReplicaSetHandler.java:167)


If you are affected by this change, perform the following tasks to update your applications:

  • Upgrade the Kubernetes clusters that you are trying to deploy to. They must run version 1.16 or higher.
  • If you have manifest files using deprecated APIs, update them to use newer APIs. For more information on which APIs are deprecated in each Kubernetes version and how to migrate, see the Kubernetes Deprecated API Migration Guide.

Introduced in: Armory CD 2.26.0

Kubernetes infrastructure in the UI

Starting in 2.26, the UI has been updated to more closely follow immutable infrastructure principles.

When you navigate to the Infrastructure tab in the UI for an application that has the Kubernetes provider configured, actions that change the Kubernetes infrastructure (such as Create or Delete), including Clusters, Load Balancers, and Firewalls, are no longer available.


Users do not see these actions in the UI by default. You must configure the UI to display them if you want your users to be able to perform them through the UI.


Whether or not these actions are available in the UI is controlled by the following property in settings-local.yml:

window.spinnakerSettings.kubernetesAdHocInfraWritesEnabled = <boolean>;

This setting does not completely prevent users from modifying Kubernetes infrastructure through Armory CD. To do so, you must use the Policy Engine and write policies using the spinnaker.http.authz package.

If you use the Policy Engine to control which user roles can see the UI actions and be able to use them, you must set this property to true. Setting the value to false hides the buttons for all users regardless of whether you grant specific users access to the buttons through the Policy Engine.

This property affects Kubernetes infrastructure only. The behavior is slightly different depending on if the application has only the Kubernetes provider configured or Kubernetes and other providers, such as AWS.

If the application only has the Kubernetes provider configured, the following applies:

  • When set to true, this property causes the UI to function as it did in previous releases. This allows people to manually create and delete Kubernetes infrastructure from the UI.
  • When set to false, this property causes the actions to be unavailable to users. This prevents users from manually creating and deleting Kubernetes infrastructure from the UI. The users can still view the infrastructure but cannot make changes through the UI.

If the application includes Kubernetes and other providers, the following applies:

  • When set to true, this property causes the UI to function as it did in previous releases. This allows people to manually create and delete Kubernetes infrastructure from the UI. Users can continue to select whether they want to create Kubernetes or other infrastructure in the UI.
  • When set to false, this property causes Kubernetes to be unavailable as an option when trying to modify infrastructure from the UI. Users can still make changes to infrastructure for the application from cloud providers, such as AWS, but not Kubernetes.

Introduced in: Armory CD 2.26.0

Git Artifact Constraint Trigger

When setting an artifact constraint to limit when a pipeline executes on a git web hook, it’s likely the trigger will break with an error message The following required artifacts could not be bound: ‘[ArtifactKey(type=docker/image, …’ See https://github.com/spinnaker/spinnaker/issues/6757

Halyard deprecation

Halyard is no longer supported for installing Armory Continuous Deployment 2.27.0 and later. Use the Operator. For more information, see Halyard Deprecation.

Plugin Compatibility

Due to changes in the underlying services, older versions of some plugins may not work with Armory CD 2.28.x or later.

The following table lists the plugins and their required minimum version:

Plugin Version
Scale Agent for Spinnaker and Kubernetes Clouddriver Plugin 0.11.0
App Name 0.2.0
AWS Lambda 1.0.10
Evaluate Artifacts 0.1.1
External Accounts 0.3.0
Observability Plugin 1.3.1
Policy Engine 0.2.2

Breaking changes are kept in this list for 3 minor versions from when the change is introduced. For example, a breaking change introduced in 2.21.0 appears in the list up to and including the 2.24.x releases. It would not appear on 2.25.x release notes.

Known issues

MySQL Permission Repository error in 2.28.1-2.28.4

Armory is investigating an issue with FIAT when using MySQL as the backend permission repository. When it is enabled, unexpected authorization errors appear in logs across Clouddriver/Orca/Front50 for users and Service Accounts. Admins appear unaffected.

The issue does not exist for 2.28.0 and lower and has since been resolved as of 2.28.5. Environments using the default Redis backend do not encounter these errors. For more information about the changes that resolve this fix, please visit the following PR

Workaround: Use Redis backend, 2.28.0, 2.28.5+

Affected versions: Armory CD 2.28.1-2.28.4

Application Attributes section displays “This Application has not been configured”

There is a known issue that relates to the Application Attributes section under the Config menu. An application that was already created and configured in Spinnaker displays the message, “This application has not been configured.” While the information is missing, there is no functional impact.

Affected versions: Armory CD 2.28.0

Google App Engine account authentication

Spinnaker 1.28 introduced a new API to allow adding accounts to Spinnaker. This change required all existing providers to register themselves with the credentials repo system. Several cloud providers were missed as part of the migration, including Google and AppEngine providers. It’s possible other non-supported providers may also be broken. The result of this is that users cannot see any Google or App Engine accounts listed in the UI, and non-admin users get an Access Denied error when trying to run pipelines as no permissions are granted. Admins can still deploy to these accounts since they bypass any permissions restrictions.


2.28.X or later: Replace the Clouddriver image in 2.28 with the Armory Clouddriver 2.27 image

1.28.X or later: Replace the Clouddriver image in 1.28 with the OSS Clouddriver 1.27 image

SpEL expressions and artifact binding

There is an issue where it appears that SpEL expressions are not being evaluated properly in artifact declarations (such as container images) for events such as the Deploy Manifest stage. What is actually happening is that an artifact binding is overriding the image value.


2.27.x or later: Disable artifact binding by adding the following parameter to the stage JSON: enableArtifactBinding: false.

2.26.x or later: Change the artifact binding behavior in spec.spinnakerConfig.profiles.clouddriver (Operator) or clouddriver-local.yml (Halyard) to the following, which causes artifacts to only bind the version when the tag is missing:

    docker-image: match-name-only

This setting only binds the version when the tag is missing, such as image: nginx without a version number.

Affected versions: Armory CD 2.26.x and later

Pipelines as Code GitHub comments

There is a known issue where Pipelines as Code can generate hundreds of comments in a GitHub Pull Request (PR) when updates are made, such as when a module that is used by multiple dinghyfiles gets changed. These comments may prevent the GitHub UI from loading or related API calls may lead to rate limiting.

Affected versions: Armory CD 2.26.x and later


You can either manually resolve the comments so that you can merge any PRs or turn the notifications that Pipelines as Code sends to GitHub.

For information about about how to disable this functionality, see GitHub Notifications.

Secrets do not work with Spring Cloud Config

If you enable Spring Cloud Config all the properties (e.g. Docker) using Secrets are not resolved when Spring Cloud tries to refresh.

Affected versions:

  • 2.26.x and later

Known Affected providers in Clouddriver:

  • Kubernetes
  • Cloudfoundry
  • Docker


Do not use secrets for properties that are annotated with @RefreshScope.

Early access

New in 2.28.5 -> Dynamic Rollback Timeout

To make the dynamic timeout available, you need to enable the feature flag in Orca and Deck.

On the Orca side, the feature flag overrides the default value rollback timeout - 5 min - with a UI input from the user.

    "enabled: true"

On the Deck side, the feature flag enhances the Rollback Cluster stage UI with timeout input.

window.spinnakerSettings.feature.dynamicRollbackTimeout = true;

The default is used if there is no value set in the UI.

Pipelines as Code multi-branch enhancement

Now you can configure Pipelines as Code to pull Dinghy files from multiple branches on the same repo. Cut out the tedious task of managing multiple repos; have a single repo for Spinnaker application pipelines. See Multiple branches for how to enable and configure this feature.

Enhanced BitBucket Server pull request handling

Trigger Spinnaker pipelines natively when pull requests are opened in BitBucket with newly added events including PR opened, deleted, and declined. See Triggering pipelines with Bitbucket Serverin the Spinnaker docs for details.

Terraform template fix

Armory fixed an issue with SpEL expression failures appearing while using Terraformer to serialize data from a Terraform Plan execution. With this feature flag fix enabled, you will be able to use the Terraform template file provider. Please open a support ticket if you need this fix.

Automatically Cancel Jenkins Jobs

You now have the ability to cancel triggered Jenkins jobs when a Spinnaker pipeline is canceled, giving you more control over your full Jenkins workflow. Learn more about Jenkins + Spinnaker in this documentation.

Fixed issues


  • Revert to using the dockerImage Artifact Replacer for cronjobs
  • Two credentials with same accountId confuses EcrImageProvider with different regions


  • Fix the deletion of permissions when resource name is uppercase

Spinnaker Community Contributions

There have also been numerous enhancements, fixes, and features across all of Spinnaker’s other services. See the Spinnaker v1.28.5 changelog for details.

Detailed updates

Bill Of Materials (BOM)

Here’s the BOM for this version.

  dockerRegistry: docker.io/armory
    commit: null
    version: 2:2.8.4-2
    commit: 49c6d33aebf5c6edcd85904680afac4698e9e208
    version: 2.28.5
    commit: bd57caffcdc86c9fb7560e958ba89141372d5d3d
    version: 2.28.5
    commit: c4ed5b19dbcfefe8dea14cdff7df9a8ab540eba3
    version: 2.28.5
    commit: 53bebfd6900b3de124dde043a00d164aa2e50773
    version: 2.28.5
    commit: e5eb6837f87b029248e3068119e05acbb85cf22c
    version: 2.28.5
    commit: fab8841982330e7537629c9f24f41205cd5863fd
    version: 2.28.5
    commit: 65bdd30238312bbca2dce613825eda7ae88f1dfa
    version: 2.28.5
    commit: 61ce26babfcd0bdf62872c24e707ca5b5371a381
    version: 2.28.5
    commit: 0333b9ed6153acfc090edcfa38e3514439e2863c
    version: 2.28.5
    commit: null
    version: 2.26.0
    commit: null
    version: 2.26.0
    commit: 37f945ea4ca839267ddd95e436912ef8f82d559e
    version: 2.28.5
    commit: 945f21dec252da7dd2e00c8d23a1687aa3b9841a
    version: 2.28.5
    commit: 3764e523e17dfdd4cf309dc2bd7c13d9b804f309
    version: 2.28.5
timestamp: "2023-02-23 01:24:13"
version: 2.28.5


Terraformer™ - 2.28.4…2.28.5

Armory Orca - 2.28.4…2.28.5

  • chore(cd): update base orca version to 2023. (#583)

Armory Igor - 2.28.4…2.28.5

Dinghy™ - 2.28.4…2.28.5

Armory Deck - 2.28.4…2.28.5

  • chore(cd): update base deck version to 2023.0.0-20230203161351.release-1.28.x (#1294)

Armory Echo - 2.28.4…2.28.5

Armory Front50 - 2.28.4…2.28.5

Armory Fiat - 2.28.4…2.28.5

  • chore(cd): update base service version to fiat:2023. (#430)

Armory Rosco - 2.28.4…2.28.5

Armory Clouddriver - 2.28.4…2.28.5

  • chore(cd): update base service version to clouddriver:2023. (#799)
  • chore(cd): update base service version to clouddriver:2023. (#804)

Armory Gate - 2.28.4…2.28.5

Armory Kayenta - 2.28.4…2.28.5


Spinnaker Orca - 1.28.5

  • fix(timeout): Added feature flag for rollback timeout ui input. (backport #4383) (#4385)

Spinnaker Igor - 1.28.5

Spinnaker Deck - 1.28.5

  • fix(timeout): Added feature flag for rollback timeout ui input. (backport #9937) (#9940)

Spinnaker Echo - 1.28.5

Spinnaker Front50 - 1.28.5

Spinnaker Fiat - 1.28.5

  • fix: Should fix the deletion of permissions when resource name is uppercase (backport #1012) (#1013)

Spinnaker Rosco - 1.28.5

Spinnaker Clouddriver - 1.28.5

  • fix(kubernetes): Revert to using the dockerImage Artifact Replacer for cronjobs (#5876) (#5877)
  • fix(ecr): Two credentials with same accountId confuses EcrImageProvider with different regions (#5885) (#5887)

Spinnaker Gate - 1.28.5

Spinnaker Kayenta - 1.28.5

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