Task Type: undoRolloutManifest

Policy controls whether or not a rollback that is triggered from outside a spinnaker pipeline (e.g. from the ‘Clusters’ tab of an application) can run.
  • Path: tasks
  • Method: Post
  • Package: spinnaker.http.authz

Compatibility Note

Starting in 2.26, the UI has been updated to more closely follow immutable infrastructure principles.

When you navigate to the Infrastructure tab in the UI for an application that has the Kubernetes provider configured, actions that change the Kubernetes infrastructure (such as Create or Delete), including Clusters, Load Balancers, and Firewalls, are no longer available.


Users do not see these actions in the UI by default. You must configure the UI to display them if you want your users to be able to perform them through the UI.


Whether or not these actions are available in the UI is controlled by the following property in settings-local.yml:

window.spinnakerSettings.kubernetesAdHocInfraWritesEnabled = <boolean>;

This setting must be applied in order for a policy to conditionally allow this functionality.

Example Payload

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  "input": {
    "body": {
      "application": "hostname",
      "description": "Undo rollout of manifest",
      "job": [
          "account": "spinnaker",
          "cloudProvider": "kubernetes",
          "location": "staging",
          "manifestName": "deployment hostname",
          "reason": "someReason",
          "revision": "3",
          "type": "undoRolloutManifest",
          "user": "myUserName"
    "method": "POST",
    "path": [
    "user": {
      "isAdmin": false,
      "roles": [],
      "username": "myUserName"


Key Type Description
input.body.application string The name of the application that is being rolled back.
input.body.description string Always “Undo rollout of manifest”.
input.body.job[].account string The account in which the deployment is being rolled back.
input.body.job[].cloudProvider string The cloud provider of the account in which the rollback will occur.
input.body.job[].location string The namespace of the manifest being rolled back.
input.body.job[].manifestName string The type and name of the manifest being rolled back.
input.body.job[].reason string The reason provided by the user for initiating the rollback.
input.body.job[].revision string The revision to which the manifest should be rolled back.
input.body.job[].type string Always “undoRolloutManifest”
input.body.job[].user string the ID of the user who initiated the rollback.
input.method string POST
input.path[] string ["tasks"]
input.user.isAdmin boolean
input.user.username string

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