A policy targeting this object runs before executing each task in a upsertProject stage.

Example Payload

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  "input": {
    "pipeline": {
      "application": "spinnaker",
      "authentication": {
        "allowedAccounts": [
        "user": "myUserName"
      "buildTime": 1620752714800,
      "canceled": false,
      "canceledBy": null,
      "cancellationReason": null,
      "description": "Create project: testProjectName",
      "endTime": null,
      "id": "01F5E67K1GKAES5N7GAB34DG7D",
      "initialConfig": {},
      "keepWaitingPipelines": false,
      "limitConcurrent": false,
      "name": null,
      "notifications": [],
      "origin": "unknown",
      "partition": null,
      "paused": null,
      "pipelineConfigId": null,
      "source": null,
      "spelEvaluator": null,
      "stages": [
      "startTime": 1620752714851,
      "startTimeExpiry": null,
      "status": "RUNNING",
      "systemNotifications": [],
      "templateVariables": null,
      "trigger": {
        "artifacts": [],
        "correlationId": null,
        "isDryRun": false,
        "isRebake": false,
        "isStrategy": false,
        "notifications": [],
        "other": {
          "artifacts": [],
          "dryRun": false,
          "expectedArtifacts": [],
          "notifications": [],
          "parameters": {},
          "rebake": false,
          "resolvedExpectedArtifacts": [],
          "strategy": false,
          "type": "manual",
          "user": "myUserName"
        "parameters": {},
        "resolvedExpectedArtifacts": [],
        "type": "manual",
        "user": "myUserName"
      "type": "ORCHESTRATION"
    "stage": {
      "context": {
        "project": {
          "config": {
            "applications": [
            "clusters": [
                "account": "spinnaker",
                "detail": "*",
                "stack": "*"
            "pipelineConfigs": [
                "application": "hostname",
                "pipelineConfigId": "7db1e350-dedb-4dc1-9976-e71f97b5f132"
          "email": "myUser@company.com",
          "name": "testProjectName"
        "user": "myUserName"
      "endTime": null,
      "id": "01F5E67K1GJEE109QR9X25M41V",
      "lastModified": null,
      "name": "upsertProject",
      "outputs": {},
      "parentStageId": null,
      "refId": "0",
      "requisiteStageRefIds": [],
      "scheduledTime": null,
      "startTime": 1620752714863,
      "startTimeExpiry": null,
      "status": "RUNNING",
      "syntheticStageOwner": null,
      "tasks": [
          "endTime": null,
          "id": "1",
          "implementingClass": "com.netflix.spinnaker.orca.applications.pipelines.UpsertProjectStage.UpsertProjectTask",
          "loopEnd": false,
          "loopStart": false,
          "name": "upsertProject",
          "stageEnd": true,
          "stageStart": true,
          "startTime": 1620752714920,
          "status": "RUNNING"
      "type": "upsertProject"
    "user": {
      "isAdmin": false,
      "roles": [],
      "username": "myUserName"


Parameters related to the stage against which the policy is executing can be found in the input.stage.context object.


Key Type Description
input.pipeline.application string The name of the Spinnaker application to which this pipeline belongs.
input.pipeline.authentication.allowedAccounts[] string The list of accounts to which the user this stage runs as has access.
input.pipeline.authentication.user string The Spinnaker user initiating the change.
input.pipeline.buildTime number
input.pipeline.canceled boolean
input.pipeline.description string Description of the pipeline defined in the UI.
input.pipeline.id string The unique ID of the pipeline.
input.pipeline.keepWaitingPipelines boolean If false and concurrent pipeline execution is disabled, then the pipelines in the waiting queue gets canceled when the next execution starts.
input.pipeline.limitConcurrent boolean True if only 1 concurrent execution of this pipeline is allowed.
input.pipeline.name string The name of this pipeline.
input.pipeline.origin string
input.pipeline.spelEvaluator string Which version of spring expression language is being used to evaluate SpEL.
input.pipeline.stages[] [array] An array of the stages in the pipeline. Typically if you are writing a policy that examines multiple pipeline stages, it is better to write that policy against either the opa.pipelines package, or the spinnaker.execution.pipelines.before package.
input.pipeline.startTime number Timestamp from when the pipeline was started.
input.pipeline.startTimeExpiry date Unix epoch date at which the pipeline expires.
input.pipeline.status string
input.pipeline.type string


See input.pipeline.trigger for more information.


Key Type Description
input.stage.context.project.config.applications[] string The applications associated with the project.
input.stage.context.project.config.clusters[].account string The accounts associated with the project
input.stage.context.project.config.clusters[].detail string The cluster details associated with the project.
input.stage.context.project.config.clusters[].stack string The stacks associated with the project’s clusters.
input.stage.context.project.config.pipelineConfigs[] object The pipeline configurations associated with the project.
input.stage.context.project.createTs number The time that the project was created.
input.stage.context.project.email string The email of the project’s owner.
input.stage.context.project.id string The unique ID of the project.
input.stage.context.project.lastModifiedBy string The ID of the last user that modified the project definition.
input.stage.context.project.name string The name of the project.
input.stage.context.project.updateTs number The timestamp of the last update to the project definition.
input.stage.context.user string


See input.stage for more information.


This object provides information about the user performing the action. This can be used to restrict actions by role. See input.user for more information.

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