v0.6.0 Armory Agent Service (2021-09-10)

Breaking changes

  • The configuration file for Agent has been renamed from kubesvc.{yml|yaml} to armory-agent.{yml|yaml}. Additionally, its location changed from /opt/spinnaker/config to /opt/armory/config. The old config file is still used if armory-agent.{yml|yaml} is not present, but users are encouraged to move to the new naming convention.
  • Agent docker images are now published to armory/agent-k8s on Docker Hub. Previously, the images were published to armory/kubesvc.

Known Issues

Kubernetes account permissions format

    - name: my-k8s-account
        - READ: ['role1', 'role2']
        - WRITE: ['role3', 'role4']

Make sure that there are no whitespaces in the role configurations under the READ and WRITE tags. The permissions are not applied if there are whitespaces in the configuration. This means that all users will have access to the defined account.

Affected versions: all versions

Last modified March 3, 2023: (2d069084)