v1.0.55 Armory Agent Service (2023-05-08)


  • add the following properties to configure grpc connection backoff configuration:
    • clouddriver.backoff.baseDelay the amount of time to backoff after the first failure
    • clouddriver.backoff.multiplier the factor with which to multiply backoffs after a failed retry. Should ideally be greater than 1.
    • clouddriver.backoff.jitter the factor with which backoffs are randomized.
    • clouddriver.backoff.maxDelay is the upper bound of backoff delay.

Could find more details on https://github.com/grpc/grpc/blob/master/doc/connection-backoff.md, also check default values on https://pkg.go.dev/google.golang.org/grpc/backoff

Last modified May 8, 2023: (cfadf13a)