Armory Release Notes

Understanding Armory + Open Source Spinnaker Releases

Armory is based off OSS’s (Open Source Spinnaker) release cadence, in which we extend OSS with Armory features. We provide a few different release types.

A stable release for customers who need stability in their production environment. You can find these releases here or use Armory Halyard.

For customers who want to test the latest Armory + OSS (Open Source Spinnaker) release, we provide rc release candidates, which you can find using Armory Halyard.

We also provide nightly ossedge builds from OSS master without Armory features, these are untested. You can find these versions using Armory Halyard.

Differences between Releases

Stable Releases

$ hal version list
 - 2.0.0 (OSS Release 1.9.5):
   Published: Fri Nov 02 16:42:47 PDT 2018
   (Requires Halyard >= 1.2.0)
 - 2.0.1 (OSS Release 1.9.5):
   Published: Fri Dec 14 18:32:56 PST 2018
   (Requires Halyard >= 1.2.0)

Stable releases have been tested by Armory. Most of our customers will be using them.

We use semantic versioning for tagging, e.g. 12.3.4.

  • MAJOR versions correspond to any major Armory platform changes or breaking OSS changes.
  • MINOR versions correspond to a new OSS release branch.
  • PATCH versions are reserved for minor changes in the same OSS branch.
Armory Release OSS Release Branch
1.14.x 1.8.x
2.0.x 1.9.x
2.1.x 1.10.x

RC Releases

$ hal version list --release=rc
 - 2.0.1-rc2447 (OSS 1.9.x):
   Published: Fri October 12 15:42:49 PDT 2018
 - 2.1.0-rc2448 (OSS 1.10.x):
   Published: Fri October 12 15:42:49 PDT 2018

An rc release reflects the latest from Armory and OSS release branches

  • These versions are used internally at Armory
  • A few customers may be using it, but we do not recommend using it in production.

RCs also follow semantic versioning with the format like 1.2.3-rc202.

OSS Edge Releases

$ hal version list --release=ossedge
 - 2018.11.02-ossedge2449 (OSS Edge release):
   Published: Fri October 12 15:42:49 PDT 2018

An ossedge release is created from OSS master.

  • This version has not been tested at Armory, only built and served.
  • This is mainly being used for development work by our customers and should not be used in production or any critical workloads

Armory uses dates and build numbers for their versions. e.g.:

  • 2018.10.12-ossedge43
  • 2018.10.12-ossedge44
  • 2018.10.12-ossedge45
  • (Weekend! 🎉💃)
  • 2018.10.15-ossedge46
  • 2018.10.15-ossedge47
  • 2018.10.15-ossedge48
  • …

List of Stable Armory Releases

Selecting a version to install

$ hal config version edit --version 2.1.0

See halyard reference for additional information.