v1.14.209 Armory Release

08/30/18 Release Notes

Note: If you’re experiencing production issues after upgrading Spinnaker, rollback to a previous working version and please report issues to http://go.armory.io/support.

Known Issues

awscli conflicts with cloud-init

Root Issue

  • awscli >= 1.16.39 upgrades urllib3 to a version that conflicts with the version used by cloud-init


  • can’t ssh into armoryspinnaker ec2 instances
  • can’t run user-data scripts on armoryspinnaker ec2 instances


Add this line to the end of your Packer Template for Armory Spinnaker

sudo pip install --upgrade urllib3==1.23

This has been addressed in Armory Spinnaker versions 2.0.0 and later.

Highlighted Updates

Spinnaker Community Contributions

❗️ Important for GCP users, you will need to upgrade to this version. There’s an important fix to allow Spinnaker 1.8 to talk to the GCE APIs.
Spinnaker’s v1.8.6

Detailed Updates


Here’s the version.manifest for this version.

export jenkins_build_number=2334
export packager_version=fcb854c
export armoryspinnaker_version=1.14.209
export armoryspinnaker_version_manifest_url=https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/armory-web/install/release/armoryspinnaker-v1.14.209-version.manifest
export fiat_version=release-1.8.x-112f58a
export front50_version=release-1.8.x-93febf2
export igor_version=release-1.8-x-new-install-healthy-ae2b329
export rosco_version=release-1.8.x-adf0e78
export clouddriver_version=release-1.8.x-95ac999
export orca_version=release-1.8.x-de4ab55
export spinnaker_monitoring_version=release-1.8.x-3be42b8
export lighthouse_version=2a93314
export barometer_version=64a613c
export configurator_version=master-0db688c
export dinghy_version=master-0dce367
export platform_version=master-12608ac
export gate_armory_version=ddbea5c-release-1.8.x-5d505ca
export gate_version=release-1.8.x-5d505ca
export echo_armory_version=0fb709d-release-1.8.x-56a9f63
export echo_version=release-1.8.x-56a9f63
export kayenta_armory_version=f46ee34-release-1.8.x-9f62a06
export kayenta_version=release-1.8.x-9f62a06
export deck_armory_version=cdb4fc2-release-1.8.x-e3122cc
export deck_version=release-1.8.x-e3122cc
export deck_artifacts_url=https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/armory-artifacts/spinnaker/deck/spinnaker-deck-release-1.8.x-e3122cc.tgz


Lighthouse™ - 2a93314

No Changes

Dinghy™ - 0dce367

No Changes

Platform™ - 12608ac

No Changes

Armory Echo - c36d576…0fb709d

  • chore(docker): add wget (#70)
  • chore(build): clean before installDist (#69)

Armory Deck - 0365c72…cdb4fc2

  • chore(document): add comment to nginx conf (#434)
  • feat(settings): allow settings-local override (#433)
  • Remove and re-add deck packages (#432)

Armory Gate - ddbea5c

No Changes

Armory Kayenta - f46ee34

No Changes

Packager - 32bd04b…fcb854c

  • fix(package) install awscli with lower version of pip (#382)
  • fix(version.manifest) fixed s3 upload path (#379)

Spinnaker Community Contributions

See Spinnaker’s release notes that are included in this release: Spinnaker’s v1.8.6

Clouddriver - 6e56553…95ac999

  • fix(provider/google): batch & service path must match (#2925) (#2927)

Deck - e3122cc

No Changes

Echo - 56a9f63

No Changes

Fiat - 112f58a

No Changes

Front50 - 93febf2

No Changes

Gate - 5d505ca

No Changes

Igor - ae2b329

No Changes

Kayenta - 9f62a06

No Changes

Orca - de4ab55

No Changes

Rosco - adf0e78

No Changes