v1.4.35 Armory Enterprise Spinnaker

04/18/2017 Release Notes

Note: If you’re experiencing production issues after upgrading Spinnaker, rollback to a previous working version.

Armory Enterprise Spinnaker

Lighthouse - 7f4a5c4

  • Created endpoints for working with Spinnaker statistics
  • Spinnaker subservice version can be discovered by a web endpoint
  • Check the health of Gate differently depending on how auth is configured

Spinnaker Community Contributions

Gate - v3.27.0

  • feat(images): endpoint to get all image tags - only docker for now
  • fix(ldap): make LDAP login page come before the rest of auth config (#375)
  • feat(servergroups): send clusters param on /serverGroups
  • feat(applications): better handling of synthetic apps when expand=false
  • fix(authn): Move Fiat session filter later in the chain, bump Fiat API to fix 404 issue (#372)
  • feat(applications): allow clusters to be skipped when loading application details
  • fix(auth): (Re)add auth protection for Spring management endpoints (#370)
  • feat(authN/ldap): Adds userSearchBase and userSearchFilter properties for LDAP (#369)
  • feat(fiat): Adds Fiat Session filter to force relogin if Fiat entry is missing. (#368)
  • feat(fiat): Uses Fiat API module’s new cache of the whole user permission view. (#367)
  • feat(ratelimit): Add enforcing & ignoring principal list configs (#356)
  • feat(ratelimit): Adding source IP address to anonymous prinicipal (#355)
  • fix(tls): tls updates from kork 1.89.0
  • feat(web): Adding rate limit headers to all 429 errors (#365)
  • fix(instanceService): prevents merge of instance and account details
  • refactor(auth): Removes basicAuth.enabled in favor of standard security.basic.enabled (#358)
  • chore(changelog): Extend changelog commit keywords. (#363)