v2.1.1 Armory Release (OSS v1.10.x)

01/19/19 Release Notes

Note: If you’re experiencing production issues after upgrading Spinnaker, rollback to a previous working version and please report issues to http://go.armory.io/support.

Known Issues

There are currently no known issues with this release.

Highlighted Updates


  • feat(webserver) migrate to apache for alignment w/OSS (#477)
  • chore(docker) run containers as non-root user

Spinnaker Community Contributions

There have also been numerous fixes across all of Spinnaker’s other services. See their changes here:
Spinnaker’s v1.10.11

Detailed Updates


Here’s the version.manifest for this version.

export jenkins_build_number=2584
export packager_version=872d223
export oss_release_type=stable
export armoryspinnaker_version=2.1.1-rc2584
export armoryspinnaker_version_manifest_url=https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/armory-web/install/release/armoryspinnaker-v2.1.1-rc2584-version.manifest
export fiat_version=release-1.10.x-83a7ef2
export front50_version=release-1.10.x-98b4ab9
export igor_version=release-1.10.x-a4fd897
export rosco_version=release-1.10.x-2f1a4f8
export clouddriver_version=release-1.10.x-ab0df80
export spinnaker_monitoring_version=release-1.10.x-4a87d20
export lighthouse_version=2a93314
export barometer_version=64a613c
export configurator_version=master-0db688c
export dinghy_version=master-8261525
export platform_version=master-30ccd55
export gate_armory_version=1232c37-release-1.10.x-a8bb998
export gate_version=release-1.10.x-a8bb998
export echo_armory_version=f3d877e-release-1.10.x-a568cf9
export echo_version=release-1.10.x-a568cf9
export kayenta_armory_version=20403e3-release-1.10.x-9690617
export kayenta_version=release-1.10.x-9690617
export orca_armory_version=62da02c-release-1.10.x-7b1f06a0
export orca_version=release-1.10.x-7b1f06a0
export deck_armory_version=12927b8-release-1.10.x-c9abb38e5
export deck_version=release-1.10.x-c9abb38e5
export deck_artifacts_url=https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/armory-artifacts/spinnaker/deck/spinnaker-deck-release-1.10.x-c9abb38e5.tgz
export OSS_VERSION=version-2.5.7
export OSS_GIT_HASH=c9abb38e5
export OSS_BRANCH=release-1.10.x
export TAGGED_IMAGE=armory/deck:2.5.7-c9abb38e5-b558-12927b8
export SERVICE_REPO=deck
export SERVICE_VERSION=2.5.7
export SERVICE_BRANCH=release-1.10.x
export SERVICE_HASH=c9abb38e5


Lighthouse™ - 2a93314

No Changes

Dinghy™ - d861f34…8261525

  • chore(docker): run as spinnaker user (#89)

Platform™ - 30ccd55

No Changes

Armory Echo - 0052e0f…f3d877e

  • chore(docker): Run as spinnaker user (#79)

Armory Deck - 8ef4883…12927b8

  • fix(apache): switch to debian – resolve port conflicts (#478)
  • feat(webserver) migrate to apache for alignment w/OSS (#477)

Armory Gate - 01034e4…1232c37

  • chore(docker): run as spinnaker user (#37)
  • feat(auth/oidc): Add support for OpenIdConnect (#36)

Armory Kayenta - 429b739…20403e3

  • chore(docker): run as spinnaker user

Packager - ac50da7…872d223

  • fix(build): Services as an array (#443)
  • chore(build): Add build and service definitions (#441)
  • chore(terraformer): add terraformer trigger (#440)
  • Bump version 2.1.1 (#438)

Spinnaker Community Contributions

See Spinnaker’s release notes for changes included in this release: Spinnaker’s v1.10.11

Clouddriver - 863271e…ab0df80

  • fix(provider/gce): Adds flexibility to autoscaler upsert for scaleDown (#3260) (#3263)
  • fix(google): prevent parent server group from overwriting null clone autohealing policies (#3267)
  • fix(provider/gce): Decorate XPN resources when upserting instance (#3252) (#3254)

Deck - 9fb2a65…c9abb38e5

  • fix(google): fix autohealing clone logic
  • fix(google): prevent parent server group from overwriting null clone autohealing policies

Echo - a568cf9

No Changes

Fiat - 83a7ef2

No Changes

Front50 - 98b4ab9

No Changes

Gate - a8bb998

No Changes

Igor - a4fd897

No Changes

Kayenta - 788433f…9690617

  • fix(redis): Fix up redis configuration so it works with latest orca. (#455)
  • fix(orca): Bump orca to 6.119.0 to resolve redis evalsha issue. (#450) (#454)

Orca - 7b1f06a0

No Changes

Rosco - 2f1a4f8

No Changes