v2.3.1 Armory Release (OSS Release 1.12.x)

04/18/19 Release Notes

Note: please report issues to http://go.armory.io/support.

Known Issues

The following known issues exist in this release.

  • Fiat service accounts are not used properly by Dinghy
  • Enabling SSL Termination at Deck results in Deck failing to start
  • Dinghy does not properly create/update pipelines
  • Dinghy does not populate expected artifacts

Please upgrade to Armory Spinnaker 2.3.6

Spinnaker Community Contributions

Detailed Updates


Here’s the version.manifest for this version.

export jenkins_build_number=184
export packager_version=ce8bbf7
export oss_release_type=stable
export armoryspinnaker_version=2.3.1-rc184
export armoryspinnaker_version_manifest_url=https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/armory-web/install/release/armoryspinnaker-v2.3.1-rc184-version.manifest
export deck_version=2.7.7-caad681-stable7
export deck_armory_version=2.7.7-a47f9ec-caad681-rc27
export kork_version=3.8.1-5814b41-stable2
export igor_version=1.1.1-63d06a5-stable59
export igor_armory_version=1.1.1-2ccbc6a-63d06a5-rc60
export front50_armory_version=0.15.2-c616ed3-3105e86-rc59
export front50_version=0.15.2-3105e86-stable59
export clouddriver_version=4.3.9-f68bdcb-stable62
export clouddriver_armory_version=4.3.9-0cd856f-f68bdcb-rc61
export spinnaker_monitoring_version=0.11.2-232c84a-rc5
export echo_version=2.3.1-5db9d43-stable62
export echo_armory_version=2.3.1-0b32095-5db9d43-rc17
export kayenta_armory_version=0.6.1-138dc7b-81d906b-rc57
export kayenta_version=0.6.1-81d906b-stable59
export plank_version=0.0.1-ece0a97-stable9
export dinghy_version=0.0.2-034a6d5-rc36
export rosco_armory_version=0.10.0-0de36d8-af545ba-rc57
export rosco_version=0.10.0-af545ba-stable59
export gate_armory_version=1.5.3-a01ab0f-aa01759-rc62
export gate_version=1.5.3-aa01759-stable61
export terraformer_version=0.0.1-cbdb295-rc8
export orca_version=2.4.2-c488de1-stable60
export orca_armory_version=2.4.2-9354f52-c488de1-rc60
export fiat_armory_version=1.3.2-310bff9-daf21b2-rc59
export fiat_version=1.3.2-daf21b2-stable59


Dinghy™ - b491663…034a6d5

  • fix(events): always send events to echo (#142)
  • fix(events): add content header to events request (#145)
  • feat(events): adds echo to dinghy yml
  • feat(events): point events at echo (#141)
  • feat(render events): adds functionality to send render events to debug (#137)
  • fix(build): fail build on failing tests (#134)
  • fix(config): Make Dinghy use baseUrl appropriately. (#136)
  • fix(docker): use the correct declared user
  • fix(docker): need to add user before using user
  • chore(github): makes github functions testable and adds coverage (#131)
  • test(default-variable): test default variable being empty works
  • fix(default-variable): empty default variable causes panic
  • chore(go112): move to go module and 1.12.1
  • fix(github): Return 404 for File Not found in Github (#126)
  • chore(github): use github library (#125)

Terraformer™ - 661752d…cbdb295

  • chore(terraform): Add terraform 0.11.12 and 0.11.13 support
  • fix(build): Install both 0.11.11 and 0.11.10
  • chore(build): Fix install terraform
  • fix(docker): use the correct declared user
  • fix(docker): need to add user before using user

Armory Clouddriver - 0cd856f

No Changes

Armory Deck - 353206e…a47f9ec

  • fix(ui): the main container shouldn’t be scrollable (#498)

Armory Echo - a6b93b0…0b32095

No Changes

Armory Fiat - 888fafe…310bff9

No Changes

Armory Front50 - cc25587…c616ed3

No Changes

Armory Gate - 6f60d35…a01ab0f

  • fix(secrets): Support for keystore as secret

Armory Igor - 77b94ee…2ccbc6a

No Changes

Armory Kayenta - 7fab32f…138dc7b

No Changes

Armory Orca - c201555…9354f52

  • chore(build): Add RDS certificates to truststore (#32)

Armory Rosco - 0377c71…0de36d8

No Changes

Spinnaker Community Contributions

Clouddriver - 171c3ba…f68bdcb

  • fix(provider/gce): Wait on LB backend service updates. (#3532) (#3536)
  • fix(provider/google): Paginates autoscaler aggregated list calls. (#3518) (#3523)

Deck - 6324862…caad681

  • fix(google): revert “select all zones by default when deploying a regional gce server group (#6751) (#6755)” (#6810)

Echo - 5db9d43

No Changes

Fiat - daf21b2

No Changes

Front50 - 3105e86

No Changes

Gate - b238ab9…aa01759

  • fix(iap): Add a clock skew flag for IAP issue time and expiration time checks. (#766) (#767)

Igor - 63d06a5

No Changes

Kayenta - 81d906b

No Changes

Orca - c488de1

No Changes

Rosco - af545ba

No Changes