v2.5.3 Armory Release (OSS Release 1.14.9)

07/16/19 Release Notes

Note: If you’re experiencing production issues after upgrading Spinnaker, rollback to a previous working version and please report issues to http://go.armory.io/support.

Known Issues

  • non-gradle5 JDK services (Front50, Kayenta, and Rosco) do not support K/V v2 with the Kubernetes Secrets engine in this release
  • This version of Armory Spinnaker includes an older version of deck-kayenta modules.

Please upgrade to Armory Spinnaker 2.5.5

Highlighted Updates


This release:

  • adds support for HCL and YAML as template formats for Dinghy
  • adds support for K/V v2 for the Kubernetes Secrets engine
  • updates Terraformer and Dinghy to natively decrypt secrets

Spinnaker Community Contributions

Spinnaker 1.14.9 Release Notes

Detailed Updates

Bill of Materials

Here’s the bom for this version.

version: 2.5.3-rc558
timestamp: "2019-07-16 22:05:02"
    version: 4.6.5-651caee-387dde5-rc126
    version: 2.0.0-6fedca0-b1f75ef-rc13
    version: 0.0.4-9cece7f-rc345
    version: 2.5.1-7f44a96-afcbb51-rc118
    version: 1.5.1-b557350-ff44172-rc108
    version: 0.17.0-bf00a4f-0540599-rc6
    version: 1.8.2-83b6e52-935a334-rc107
    version: 1.3.0-c3c7850-b3f354f-rc107
    version: 0.9.0-39c3a6b-dd8a91d-rc7
    version: 0.13.0-bf01bf2-rc1
    version: 0.13.0-bf01bf2-rc1
    version: 2.7.4-62b8988-8c46567-rc117
    version: 0.12.0-e1fc510-59f7929-edge5
    version: 0.0.2-c845d1d-rc20
    version: 2:2.8.4-2
  dockerRegistry: docker.io/armory


Dinghy™ - 4c4879c…9cece7f

  • feat(fiat): Enable Armory Endpoints (for Fiat) (#178)
  • feat(hcl): support hcl as a template format (#176)
  • feat(yaml): support yaml as template format for dinghy (#175)
  • feat(slack): Add slack notifications (#174)
  • chore(release): updates to handle new main func in open source (#172)

Terraformer™ - ab4618d…c845d1d

  • feat(secrets): support s3 and vault secret decryption (#75)
  • feat(targets): allow specifying specific targets during apply stage (#74)

Armory Clouddriver - 651caee

No Changes

Armory Deck - 6fedca0

No Changes

Armory Echo - 445f4ca…7f44a96

  • fix(jira): Don’t set up EchoController w/o Jira (#107)

Armory Fiat - 7c1b280…b557350

  • fix(cache): force forceRefresh through endpoint (#22)

Armory Front50 - 18ed588…bf00a4f

  • feat(policy): add policy engine prototype to front50 (opa) (#18)

Armory Gate - 83b6e52

No Changes

Armory Igor - c3c7850

No Changes

Armory Kayenta - 39c3a6b

No Changes

Armory Orca - c73ed0e…62b8988

  • feat(targets): add target resource specifications to apply stage (#47)

Armory Rosco - e1fc510

No Changes

Spinnaker Community Contributions

See Spinnaker’s release notes that are included in this release:

Clouddriver - 8607d42…387dde5

  • fix(appengine): check for null versions in servergroup caching agent (#3875) (#3878)
  • fix(appengine): Fix threading bugs in AppengineMutexRepository (#3862) (#3871)
  • fix(kubernetes): Fix daemonset stability condition (#3863) (#3864)
  • fix(deps): bump fiat version to 1.0.9 (#3842)
  • fix(SqlCache): modify typeSanitization regex to filter MySQL non-permitted chars (#3839) (#3841)
  • fix(kubernetes): Improve failure mode for unreachable cluster (#3770) (#3823)
  • fix(logging): add logstash-logback-encoder to runtimeClasspath (#3666) (#3817)
  • fix(appengine): Properly account for GCS object version in deploy (#3806) (#3807)

Deck - b1f75ef

No Changes

Echo - e68a464…afcbb51

  • fix(bitbucket): typo on eventType switch (#591) (#594)

Fiat - 381db2c…ff44172

  • fix(core): add null check to auth in FiatPermissionEvaluator.getUsername (#435) (#436)
  • fix(core): add back isEnabled check to hasPermission method to prevent NPEs (#433) (#434)

Front50 - 0540599

No Changes

Gate - 935a334

No Changes

Igor - b3f354f

No Changes

Kayenta - cf89374…dd8a91d

  • fix(templates): Escape custom inline templates. (#579) (#580)
  • feat(signalfx): Add configurable remote baseurls to support realms. (#551) (#566)

Orca - 8c46567

No Changes

Rosco - 59f7929

No Changes