Configuring GitHub OAuth for Spinnaker

This post will show you how to configure GitHub and Spinnaker to use GitHub as an OAuth2 authenticator.


  • Ability to modify developer settings for your GitHub organization
  • Access to Halyard
  • A Spinnaker deployment with DNS and SSL configured

Configuring GitHub OAuth

  1. Login to GitHub and go to Settings > Developer Settings > OAuth Apps > New OAuth App
  2. Note the Client ID / Client Secret
  3. Homepage URL: This would be the URL of your Spinnaker service e.g.
  4. Authorization callback URL: This is going to match your --pre-established-redirect-uri in halyard and the URL needs login appended to your gate endpoint e.g. or

Configuring Spinnaker w/ Halyard

Run the following commands in Halyard with your Client ID and Client Secret.


hal config security authn oauth2 edit \
  --client-id $CLIENT_ID \
  --client-secret $CLIENT_SECRET \
  --provider $PROVIDER \
  --scope read:org,user:email \
  --pre-established-redirect-uri ""

hal config security authn oauth2 enable