Configure Jenkins

Before you can make use of Jenkins in Spinnaker, you’ll need to use Halyard to configure access to your Jenkins masters.

The Spinnaker project has more in-depth documentation on configuring Jenkins in Spinnaker here

Enable Jenkins Support

If you haven’t already done it, you’ll need to enable Jenkins with Halyard with the command below. Don’t worry if it was already enabled – nothing bad will happen if you’ve already enabled it.

hal config ci jenkins enable

Add a Jenkins Master

You can add as many Jenkins masters as needed. Once the master is configured properly, Spinnaker will use the credentials provided to query for all available jobs and make them available in the UI for triggers and stages.

hal config ci jenkins master add my-jenkins-master \
  --address \
  --username myusername \
  --password # You'll be prompted for your password interactively

# Remember to apply changes!
hal deploy apply