Upgrade Spinnaker using Halyard

Determine the target version

First, determine which version of Armory Spinnaker you want to use. You can get this list by running hal version list:

$ hal version list
+ Get current deployment
+ Get Spinnaker version
+ Get released versions
+ You are on version "1.14.209", and the following are available:
 - 1.14.209 (OSS Spinnaker v1.8.6):
   Changelog: https://docs.armory.io/release-notes/armoryspinnaker_v1.14.209/
   Published: Thu Sep 13 18:42:49 EDT 2018
   (Requires Halyard >= 1.0.0)
 - 2.0.0 (OSS Release 1.9.5):
   Changelog: https://docs.armory.io/release-notes/armoryspinnaker_v2.0.0/
   Published: Fri Nov 02 19:42:47 EDT 2018
   (Requires Halyard >= 1.2.0)

Perform the upgrade

Once you know what version you want to upgrade (or downgrade) to, update your halconfig with hal config version edit --version [VERSION]:

$ hal config version edit --version 2.0.0
+ Get current deployment
+ Edit Spinnaker version
+ Spinnaker has been configured to update/install version
  "2.0.0". Deploy this version of Spinnaker with `hal deploy apply`.

Then, apply your upgrade with hal deploy apply.