A policy that runs before executing each task in a Scale Manifest stage.

Example Payload

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  "input": {
    "deploy": {
      "account": "spinnaker",
      "credentials": "spinnaker",
      "events": [],
      "location": "staging",
      "manifestName": "deployment hostname",
      "replicas": 10

Example Policy

This policy prevents scaling a deployment or replicaset in a production account to have <2 replicas.

package spinnaker.deployment.tasks.before.scaleManifest

productionAccounts :=["prod1","prod2"]

deny["production accounts require >1 replicas to avoid a single point of failure."]{


Key Type Description
input.deploy.account string The account being deployed to.
input.deploy.credentials string The credentials used to access the account.
input.deploy.location string The name of the namespace the manifest is being deleted from.
input.deploy.manifestName string The name of the manifest being deleted.
input.deploy.replicas number How many pods should be running after the scaling action.

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